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Life will bring you Pain all by itself. Your Responsibility is toCREATE JOY~Milton H. Erickson
Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks


Welcome to Aspire Counseling and Coaching, PLLC. As President and Director, I believe we have the Potential and Birthright to Enjoy this Life. Potential is not enough to make it Real. Sometimes we forget to Practice our point of Focus and Take Care of those things that are most important to us, including ourselves and our families.

If you want Joy, Balance and Peace with yourself and with those most important to you, then you must Make an Empowered Decision to Claim it...even if you aren't sure how to get there from where you are at this moment. You deserve the best this life has to offer. If you would like support in Realizing your Potential, my Team and I are dedicated to helping you attain Real Results with Lasting Change.

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We are caring professionals who want to make the process of improving self as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We know it takes courage to move toward change, wanted or unwanted. You are invited to view a brief video about Aspire Counseling and Coaching, PLLC.

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We believe it is important to educate yourself, explore options, and then take action. If it would be helpful for you as you make a decision to improve the quality of your life, call my office at (252) 414-0534 for a free phone consultation.

James A Barbour, MS, LPC, LCAS, CCS, CHt

Action is the foundational key to all Success - Pablo Picasso

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